Carolina Hydrologic Overview

Carolina Hydrologic

Carolina Hydrologic is the distributor of HydroLoc products, soil amendments designed to more effectively manage resources by reducing water requirements, reducing loss of nutrients, stabilizing soil, and reducing dust and erosion. HydroLoc products represent a new generation of technology, providing state of the art solutions to professional landscapers, contractors and growers.

Hydrogel Advantages:

  • Reduces water requirements by as much as 50%
  • Retains nutrients and fertilizers in soil
  • Aerates and stabilizes soil and enhances profile
  • Compatible with soil nutrients and other amendments
  • Reduces run-off and leachate
  • Reduces plant shock
  • Reduces cost of installation, maintenance and irrigation
  • Safe and biodegradable

Anionic Polyacrylamide (PAM) Advantages:

  • PAM can be used in hydroseeding, watering and dam/wattle   applications
  • Reduces dust and erosion by 95%
  • Improves infiltration and enhances germination
  • Enhances other erosion control devices
  • Reduces cost of installation, maintenance and irrigation
  • Safe for plants and people and is biodegradable